A running tally of all the birds that we've seen around our yard, plus a checklist of this year's sightings.

  The Lists Current Year Notes Historical Notes
2003 2004 2005 2006 2007
Totals: 79 40 58 55 54 10    
Common Loon     Heard week of May 8 Commonly seen flying and calling in display during the summer.
Double-crested Cormorant   Several overhead April 24 Uncommon, Irregular, usually an over-flight
Turkey Vulture   Pair flying low through woods behind breakfast nook patio; April 2 Uncommon, Irregular, usually an over-flight
Osprey     Uncommon, Irregular, usually an over-flight
Broad-winged Hawk         Two kettling April 23  
Sharp-shinned Hawk       Flying past yard May 22  
Peregrine Falcon           Pair soaring overhead June 5 One on 2002-08
Merlin Likely a returning resident, April 1 Common during the summer; there seems to be a nesting pair near RNS.
Ruffed Grouse       Uncommon, Irregular
Wilson's Snipe        
Herring Gull    
Great Black Backed Gull        
Rock Pigeon         April 3 Over flight in 2002, near barn in 2006
Mourning Dove   Regular @feeder, resident
Common Nighthawk           Noted in migration starting Aug. 14
Ruby-throated Hummingbird Fly past May 18; first at feeder on the 23rd (M + F) Regular @feeder, summer resident
Belted Kingfisher     One flying and calling around the yard, April 23  
Pileated Woodpecker Quite regular now at a snag in our backyard Uncommon but annual regular in winter or spring
Hairy Woodpecker   Regular @feeder, resident
Downy Woodpecker   Regular @feeder, resident
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker            
Red-bellied Woodpecker           Once, 2004-10-31
Northern Flicker        
Eastern Phoebe         Once, in April 2002
Eastern Kingbird          
Eastern Wood Pewee             Once, heard in May, 2002
Alder Flycatcher       June 6; heard in the usual spot (alders adjoining our property and Maiden Lane) Uncommon; heard every spring
Cedar Waxwing   Flock on June 5  
Carolina Wren             One individual 2002-May
Winter Wren             Heard in 2002
Golden-crowned Kinglet            
Ruby-crowned Kinglet        
Veery         Week of May 29  
American Robin    
Swainson's Thrush      
Black-capped Chickadee   Regular @feeder, resident
Red-breasted Nuthatch   Regular @feeder, resident
White-breasted Nuthatch   Regular @feeder, winter resident
Common Raven    
Brown Creeper This one seems to have been resident all winter Seen first week of January
Northern Shrike       Pattie saw one in early March  
American Crow   Regular
Blue Jay    
European Starling      
Blue-headed Vireo Week of May 8  
Red-eyed Vireo May 18  
Yellow Warbler          
Blackburnian Warbler          
Black-throated Green Warbler   First heard week of May 8  
Black-throated Blue Warbler          
Yellow-rumped Warbler May 6  
Chestnut-sided Warbler          
Black-and-white Warbler     May 31  
Magnolia Warbler          
Northern Parula     May 18  
Wilson's Warbler          
American Redstart   June 7, female  
Common Yellowthroat            
Canada Warbler            
Dark-eyed Junco   Regular @feeder, resident
Chipping Sparrow May 6  
White-throated Sparrow    
Savannah Sparrow     April 4  
White-crowned Sparrow          
Lincoln's Sparrow         One individual, May 17 2003
Fox Sparrow   March 22, flock April 1  
Song Sparrow First on March 24  
Northern Cardinal      
Common Grackle    
Brown-headed Cowbird            
Red-winged Blackbird      
Purple Finch   @feeder; a pair on April 23  
Common Redpoll        
Pine Siskin          
American Goldfinch    
Rose-breasted Grosbeak           One individual, female
Evening Grosbeak       May 7; single male  
House Sparrow             Seen in 2002
Totals: 79 40 58 55 54 10    

54 species to close out the year.  Pattie has seen a new one for the yard: Northern Shrike.  Broad-winged hawks seen kettling were another new addition.

Only 55 species this year, but two more for the yard total to bring it to 77.

Best year so far: 58 species, bringing the total up to 75 for the yard.

Not a bad year, saw 40 species, bringing our yard total up to 59.  A paucity of warblers and other spring migrants and summer residents can be chalked up to our travel schedule -- we just weren't around enough.  2004 will be different!

We don't have a lot of records kept for this period, as we were in the middle of construction and moving.

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